About Me!

Hey! I’m Ben. I’ve only started with photography recently but I think you’ll like what I have to offer

I never expected to become a photographer so suddenly. I had some friends who were really into K-pop and one day I spontaneously thought it’d be really funny to create parody K-pop idol photocards and distribute them out as gifts to my friends. Around the early months of 2023, I bought a bunch of K-pop merch (IVE, for inspiration of course), picked up my dad’s old camera, asked my friend Alanna to be my practice model, and accidentally snapped a picture so curious that it led me down the path I am exploring today.

Some friends of mine ask me, “How did you pick up photography so quickly?” Honestly, I’m not really sure but I do have some theories. Growing up, I took a lot of art classes, I painted using many mediums and across many genres. I’ve done sketch, charcoal, chalk pastel, acrylic, and oil painting, of which chalk pastel is my favorite, followed closely by oil painting. I’ve done still life and landscape, but when I was tasked with drawing Clint Eastwood one weekend, I realized I felt something more than what still life or landscape could ever bring. Time was but a mere suggestion while I was immersed with a certain satisfaction from recreating unique life, and in addition: inexplicable emotion. For most of my grade school years, I focused on portrait art as a gift for myself and to others. I picked up my camera today because I long for the same feeling I felt when I picked up my brush yesterday.

If you are willing, it would be an honor and privilege for me to pick up my camera for you as well. I may be new at this, but with your presence and my ambition, I believe today is the day we create something amazing together.