Photography Services

Have you ever spontaneously wanted some really good pictures? Or perhaps you want to brave the camera once in a while. Did you ever wonder to yourself, “What is it like to have a casual photoshoot?”

Well wait no longer, we here at Jujube Leaflet have a camera and we’re not afraid to use it! It all started off as a fun little activity between my friends and I, going around the Bay Area, taking pictures wherever we can. Now that I know my way around the camera, I want to share the joy and fun we have to you as well.

We offer three packages for now, casual portrait, graduation portrait, and event photography. The casual package is intended for those who want some seriously good-looking pictures of themselves, perhaps those in need of a new profile picture for their social media, or even for those who simply want to have some fun. Graduation photoshoots are as they sound, we’re going to cosplay you in graduation gear and parade you around your campus, or anywhere you want! For event photoshoots, I am confident in photographing up to semi-formal events such as dinner parties, high school ceremonies, or any situation that requires a guy in a suit to document what’s going around him with pictures. Trust me at your own peril for your weddings, proposals, and special moments. :))

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Casual Graduation Event
Pricing $60/hr $120/hr $120/hr*
Minimum Shots 20/hr 30/hr 15/hr
Project Boarding Nope Yes (by request) No
RAW Photos Yes (by request, +$50) Yes (by request, +$50) Nah

– Editing is included in all sessions.
– Shoots may go overtime without additional cost if I have time.
– Minimum shots is simply a minimum, usually more than the quota will be delivered.
– Minimum shots quota will not be upheld if client is unavailable for photos for more than 25% of the session time.
– I specialize in individual shoots but if group photos are desired, the pricing remains the same for time spent on the photoshoot but the minimum shots quota will not be upheld
– Deliverables will be shared through Google Photos albums or through SD card (material and shipping costs not included).
– Clients will be responsible for transportation costs to locations outside of a 5 mile radius of Berkeley, CA.
– I may ask for your permission to publish a photo we took together for my portfolio, in which case I will ask you to sign a Model Release Form if you agree.
– RAW files may be requested for personal use only. Jujube Leaflet does not claim creative responsibility of photos edited by a third party.

*UC Berkeley student organizations and DeCals can request free event photography.

Photography Interest Form

If you know Ben personally, you get a 100% discount! But please buy him dinner if you can.


What can I expect out of a photoshoot?
Usually what happens is we walk around the location of your choosing and if there’s anywhere we feel could be a good picture opportunity, we spend a few minutes there, get the shots we envisioned, crack a few jokes, then move on. After the photoshoot, we’ll edit the photos and send them to you in a Google Photos album. The photos will be available for a week for you to download, after which they will be removed. If for some reason you didn’t save the photos in time, I save all my work, so please feel free to ask for a re-upload.

What happens after I click the submit button on the interest form?
I’ll reach out and ask for your availability, and if applicable, ask you if there’s anything in particular you’re looking for from the photoshoot if you haven’t already mentioned it in the form.

Should I know anything about posing before the photoshoot?
You need not. Though it would be nice if you could look for inspiration online or in our photo gallery before a photoshoot so you can experiment on your own time with what you believe will make you look the best, we can also help pose you if need be.

What is project boarding?
Before a photoshoot, you can browse and collect certain poses or photos you may want to recreate. For more casual photoshoots, there is no need for this. However, if you want something specific out a photoshoot, project boarding allows you to share your expectations with the photographer and help the photographer plan for a photoshoot beforehand.

Can I change into multiple outfits during the photoshoot?
Yes, but please understand the session timer will continue. Please make sure your outfit changes will be punctual to avoid loosing too much time for the photoshoot itself, and please understand that the minimum guaranteed quota will not be upheld if the subject is available for less than 75% of the session.

What if I don’t know where to go for the photoshoot?
Not to worry, I can help you decide and plan out the shoot! If you provide me with what you expect out of our pictures, we can browse for locations that may suit your preferences and you can make the final decision.

How many locations can I choose for the photoshoot?
As many as you like, but please keep your locations within walking distance as the session timer will continue as we move from place to place. If there are multiple unique locations you want pictures at, please consider scheduling multiple sessions.

Can I have a longer photoshoot?
You may sign up for multiple sessions if you wish to have more time and photos from your photoshoots.

Can I bring my friends along?
Yes, as many as you’d like. However, please keep in mind that the photoshoots will be focused on the client, I won’t guarantee delivery of photos without the client in them. Also please understand that any additional people you bring may result in a slower photoshoot and less photos, the minimum shots quota may be voided if too much time is spent on group photo coordination.

Can I have the RAW files?
As an amateur photographers looking to share my passion for photography, I see no reason not to let you have your unedited photos if you wish to edit them yourself. However, Jujube Leaflet takes no responsibility for the photos we don’t edit and we would appreciate it if you simply kept the RAW files and edits you make for personal use only. If you’re scheduling multiple back-to-back photoshoot sessions, you need only to pay the additional $50 charge once. We will deliver to you the SD card we used to take your pictures which will include the RAW files as well as the edited ones.