Art Commission

Imagine a larger-than-life painting of yourself somewhere in your home. Imagine translating your digital image into something you can pass down for generations. Imagine cherishing an image more through the intricacies of art rather than the simplicity of print. If that is something you’re interested in, I’m proud to present present to you my illustration skills.

I have been drawing, sketching, and painting for over 10+ years. I explored many different mediums and genres. If you would like to sample my work, please feel free to check out the art gallery.

If you are interested in an art commission, I must first pre-approve of pictures to draw and paint from. It’s best to provide me with a collection of images to choose from, better yet, pictures I’ve taken through my photography services will always be approved for commission because I take pictures through the lens of what I would be willing to draw. Once an image is submitted and approved, there will be a lead time for me to finish the piece, after which the completed artwork can be picked up or can be shipped to you.

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Pencil Sketch Color Sketch Charcoal Chalk Pastel Oil Painting
Pricing $5 + $2/in2 $10 + $3/in2 $10 + $3/in2 $15 + $4/in2 $30 + $6/in2
Lead Time 3 – 7 days 3 – 7 days 1 – 2 weeks 1 – 2 weeks 1 – 3 months
Minimum Size 4in2 4in2 108in2 108in2 24in2

– Art supplies included in pricing
– Packing and shipping not included, free pickup from UC Berkeley campus
– 20% discount on commissions if reference photos are directly taken by Jujube Leaflet
– Up to 50% upcharge on commissions using difficult reference photos or unapproved reference photos
– All completed art, except oil paintings, will have a protective coating applied. Oil paintings will require 6 months in additional lead time if a varnish coating is desired, otherwise, handle unprotected paintings with care
– I do not guarantee 100% accuracy to the reference photo and will exercise creative freedom outside of the primary subject


Why must reference photos be approved for commission?
Some photos are simply better and easier to be translated into art. Additionally, I specialize in portrait art, though I am capable of landscape, still life, etc., I prefer faces. I will let you know beforehand which pictures I am capable of drawing and which pictures will be more difficult for me, and you can determine if still wish to move forward with a commission.

What is the rate of approval for reference photos?
All portrait photos taken by me through the photography service will be approved and a 20% discount will be applied to the commission. The standard for an approved reference photo will be subjective, but generally, single subject, high contrast faces will almost always be approved. Half to full body pictures will only be approved if the artwork size is large enough without sacrificing detail to the face. Group photos of more than two people will be subject to upcharge. Reference photos unrelated to people or portrait art will also be subject to upcharge.